I'm looking forward to your feedback!
My goal is to connect to other people through my artwork. That of course means that I'm interested in your thoughts on the Wormworld Saga. If you want to give me feedback there are several ways to do that.

Visit my blog!
On my blog I frequently post thoughts, background information and updates about the Wormworld Saga and my life as an artist in general and you can post your comments there. It's a very quick and direct way to give me your feedback.

You also might want to subscribe to the blog's RSS feed simply by clicking the orange RSS button in the menue below. That way you'll receive all updates automatically in your favorite feed reader.

Social Networks
I've opened up a Facebook Fanpage and a Google+ Page for the Wormworld Saga where you can post your comments and learn about updates. I've also got a Deviantart Page where you can see a lot of panel artwork from the Wormworld Saga and you can post your comments there, too. And you might also be interested in following my tweets on Twitter.com!

If you want to contact me by email, please use the following address:

(for type "mail" - It's a small spam countermeasure)

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